Dining, Gifts & Rentals

Gift Shop

Our Northwest-inspired shop offers a range of gifts for every budget from handmade jewelry and art to t-shirts and toys. The shop is located at the main entrance. For more information, call the gift shop directly at 360.832.7159.

Locker Rentals
Small lockers are available for rent if you need a place to stash your purse or lunches. Four quarters are needed to operate the lockers, located past the main admissions area and bathrooms to the left of the breezeway.

Dining Options

Touring around Northwest Trek is sure to make you hungry!

The Forest Café offers burgers, salads, sandwiches and kids’ meals with healthy options at reasonable prices. The gas fireplace makes the café a cozy place to eat on chilly days.

The Forest Café is located near the main entrance. Hours vary depending on the season.
The Trek Treats concession stand also offers a range of snacks and lunch options and is open seasonally. It’s located on the way to the tram tour station.

Please be aware that food is not allowed on board the tram.

Picnic tables in the meadow and a sheltered picnic pavilion are also available so that food can be enjoyed outdoors on warmer days.


Wheelchair & Stroller Rentals
A limited number of wheelchairs, electric carts, and single and double strollers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rental Rates*
Regular wheelchairs:
Electric carts:
Single strollers:
Double strollers:
* Prices listed to not include tax.