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Northwest Trek Events

April 7 - April 8
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Spring Fling

We're celebrating spring here in the Pacific Northwest! Watch our animals play with flowers, learn to forage wild foods, play games, make spring crafts and more. 
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Here's what's happening:
  • Animal enrichments and keeper talks
11:30 am at Wetlands (both days)
1:30 pm at Bears (both days)

  • Mason bee keeping demonstration
11 am and 2:30 pm at Picnic Pavilion (both days) 
In this hands-on demonstration you'll learn about these gentle pollinators from cocoon to flight, and discover their amazing pollinating abilities. It's simple to be a Mason Bee Keeper - you can do it too!

Saturday: Special guest "Mason Bee Mike"
Sunday: Our own horticulturalist Jake Pool

  • Mason bee bundle-making
All day in the Picnic Pavilion: Make your own bee nesting bundle to take home!

  • IMG_1248Foraging hikes on the nature trails
10:15 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm (both days)
Join a guided hike and learn to identify the wild edible foods found in Pacific Northwest forests. You can even sample some wild flavors!

  • Try "Forest Forage Pizza" made with nettles foraged right here at Northwest Trek. All day in the Forest Cafe .
  • Springtime crafts and activities in the Cheney Discovery Center. "Build a Bug," do a springtime craft and grab a sensory scavenger hunt to look and listen for signs of spring!
  • Look at the world through animal eyes at the Baker Cabin
  • Take a photo tour to capture that delicate spring foliage! (Saturday 8-10:30 am) 

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