General Fund/Greatest Need

Your support is vital to helping us achieve the park’s mission of education, conservation and recreation. Your gift allows the park to add new programs and exhibits, upgrade old ones, buy new equipment and increase the park’s conservation and education efforts.

Ways to give include:
  • Cash Gifts (cash or checks)
  • Non-cash Gifts and Gifts In-kind
  • Tributes and Memorials Naming Opportunities

Our General Fund offers you an opportunity to support the immediate priorities that fall outside of the regular operating budget.

The annual fund donations are received by the Northwest Trek Foundation and applied to the highest park needs as determined by Northwest Trek administrators and Foundation board members.

For example, donations have allowed the park to buy special play balls for the cats and puzzle toys for wetlands animals that stimulate natural behavior and activity during non-public hours of operation.

Unrestricted gifts
Unrestricted gifts – donations without any restricted guidelines – are the most useful to Northwest Trek. The park can quickly and easily allocate the donation to wherever it is most needed.

Restricted gifts
You can choose to restrict your gift to Conservation, Education or Animal Care programs at Northwest Trek.

How to Contribute


OR send your tax-deductible contribution to:

Northwest Trek Foundation
General Fund
11610 Trek Drive E.
Eatonville, WA 98328


Tyra Larson
(360) 832-7165