Walking Tour Guidelines

    The main walking area includes two separate acre-large wooded exhibits for the grizzly bears and gray wolves. Other wooded exhibits include lynx, cougar, bobcat coyotes, fox and wolves. In the wetlands area, river otters, raccoons, beavers, badgers, wolverines, porcupines, skunks and fishers are on display.

    • Crews are allowed in visitor-approved areas and public pathways only, unless behind-the-scenes arrangements are made in advance.
    • A PR and/or animal care staff member will accompany crews at all times.
    • Any use of electrical equipment and/or additional lighting must be approved prior to shooting. All cords or wires must be placed and guarded in such a manner so as not to alter the pathway and pose risk to visitors, animals and staff.
    • Filming must not obstruct public viewing.
    • The applicant(s) will not damage, destroy or remove any plants, animals, property nor interfere with the public's use and enjoyment of the facilities.
    • No animals, plants, stereos or food will be brought into the park.
    • The applicant will not identify Northwest Trek and its staff, animals, plants, mission or exhibits in a derogatory or defacing manner. Footage taken at Northwest Trek will not be used in a way that misrepresents the park.
    • Applicants are not allowed to handle animals themselves.
    • The applicant agrees that there will be no anthropomorphizing (humanizing) of animals.
    • The contracted photographer/artist will be held accountable for the actions of themselves, the actions of their crew, and any damage to the park facilities and property. A valid certificate of general liability insurance is required.
    • Northwest Trek asks for a copy of the photographs/film/video and any accompanying text.
    If an individual photographer/artist strictly wants to film/photograph animals from the public viewing areas, each member will be charged the regular park admission rate. This person must not block public views.

    If animal keeper time is required or the crews request a behind-the-scenes tour, fees are $300 per hour.