Animal Walking Tour

Walk along a paved path through the forest and see large predators like bears, wolves, cougars and other native forest animals, all in naturalistic exhibits. Then, observe smaller wetlands and forest creatures like beavers and river otters swimming in their pools and keeping cozy in their dens.

Our new Canada lynx Nuka is here! With thick speckled fur, black tufty ears and huge paws for stalking prey on snow, lynxes are beautiful – and Nuka is no exception. Plus, say our keepers, she’s playful and a delight to care for. Nuka will also eventually pair with our male lynx Omak as part of the Species Survival Program for breeding…stay tuned. Find Nuka and Omak on our cats loop trail.

And keep your eyes peeled at Bear Bridge to find the den built by Benton and Fern, our black bears. In colder weather they like to keep warm and sleep (torpor) most of the time, occasionally emerging to eat.

The trail is wheelchair- and stroller-friendly. A limited number of wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent at the main office when you enter the park.

circle otter
circle black bear      
circle fox      
circle wolf      

River Otter
  Black Bear   Red Fox   Gray Wolf  

circle barn owl     
circle beaver      circle fisher      circle raccoon     

Barn Owl




 circle cougar    circle skunk    circle bobcat    circle snowy owl    
  Striped Skunk   Bobcat   Snowy Owl  

circle turkey vulture  
circle lynx


Turkey Vulture    Lynx